Echo Rumble

Echo Rumble is a combination of Noise Rumble and a Delay effect (based on PT2399). Each effect has it's own Bypass button, so they may be used as single effects or you can destroy your sound atmosphere turning them On together!

Noise Rumble Knobs:
Post - gain of the output stage
Tone - simple Muff-like tone control
Pre - gain of the input stage
Power - current supply, normally on Max, turning it counter clockwise brings interesting glitches and noises
Vol - volume
Gate - gating low signals in the Effect mode
Rumble - fuzz character in the Effect mode
Osc - level of the feedback output to the input, works when Osc switch is On

!When the Synth mode is On all knobs work transcendentally!

Post - adds clipping diodes into the output stage
Pre - adds clipping diodes into the input stage
Osc - activates self-oscillation Synth mode

Tech info:
Input/Output: 1/4" (6,35mm) MONO
Power Supply: 9VDC, tip negative
PSU not included