Dub Siren with built-in Delay

Dub siren is a real classic for such genres as reggae or dub. Our dub siren is handcrafted and has a nice vintage tone. There is a built-in Delay which brings that lo-fi tape echo sound. 
Siren controls:
  • Volume - output level
  • Pitch - frequency of main tone
  • Waveform - the waveform of LFO, smoothly ranges from Square to Sine
  • Amplitude - LFO level
  • Frequency - LFO frequency

Delay controls:
  • Mix - amount of effect
  • Repeats - quantity of repeats, ranges from 1 to infinity
  • Delay time - the time between repeats

Output: 1/4" (6,35mm) mono TS
Power jack: 5.5x2.1mm
Power supply: 9v, tip negative (same as guitar pedals).
PSU not included.