King Drone - 6 oscillators analog drone synthesizer with a LP/HP filter

Our best-selling synth of all time, King Drone has 6 triangle wave oscillators with a truncated vertex. 3 of them tuned very very low to provide deepest bass tones and 3 another tuned approx. 1 octave higher.
The filter may work in Low-Pass or High-Pass modes (activated by toggle switch) and it has Cutoff and Resonance knob. Turning the resonance on max causes a self-oscillation which can be used as an additional sine oscillator or special effect.

CV Input for Cutoff: Demo
Audio Input (for processing external signal with the filter): Demo

Tech info:
  • Output: 1/4'' Mono
  • Power jack: 5.5x2.1mm
  • Power supply: 9 volts, tip negative (similar to guitar pedals power supply) 
  • PSU not included.