Noise Rumble - noise synth, glitch and distortion pedal

Noise Rumble is a unique box that can be both noise synth or glitch/fuzz pedal. 
The Synth mode can be activated by "Osc" switch and dives you into the ocean of noise rumbling. In the Effect mode you can add a scratchy fuzz, agressive distortion or analog glitches to your sound and make it absolutely unconceivable!
Post - gain of the output stage
Tone - simple Muff-like tone control
Pre - gain of the input stage
Power - current supply, normally on Max, turning it counter clockwise brings interesting glitches and noises
Vol - volume
Gate - gating low signals in the Effect mode
Rumble - fuzz character in the Effect mode
Osc - level of the feedback output to the input, works when Osc switch is On

!When the Synth mode is On all knobs work transcendentally!

Post - adds clipping diodes into the output stage
Pre - adds clipping diodes into the input stage
Osc - activates self-oscillation Synth mode

Tech info:
Input/Output: 1/4" (6,35mm) MONO
Power Supply: 9VDC, tip negative
PSU not included